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Episode 71 of funniest among us memes
Welcome back to Memesso! Today we've got 71th part of funniest among us memes, emergency meeting memes, imposter memes, among us chat memes, crewmate memes, but stay tuned - so many more memes are coming!. Subscribe today to watch all the upcoming funniest memes first!, among us new update memes.
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gi mike wazowski
gi mike wazowski Пре 5 дана
I never had someone vote me out for saying where
gi mike wazowski
gi mike wazowski Пре 5 дана
Too bad that game is dead now
Завтра Пре 8 дана
#TTS Discovering something that doesn’t exists *public lobby’s with smart people*
Owen George
Owen George Пре 8 дана
#TTS Me, Green: Red killed and vented to Electrical! Red: No u The entire lobby: Understandable, have a great day.
ali of akatsuki
ali of akatsuki Пре 13 дана
#TTS impostor me thinking what to say when my impostor teammate my brain : listen here, you little shittoss hes stalk to kill me
Dakota Пре 14 дана
3:53 m e
Breaker PlayzYT
Breaker PlayzYT Пре 14 дана
Electrical: -exists- Crewmates when they hear vents in Electrical: *chuckle* I’m in danger.
Anh Nguyễn Thu
Anh Nguyễn Thu Пре 20 дана
POV: this is a POV
- :/ArcheR\: -
- :/ArcheR\: - Пре 23 дана
There are three ppl left and you confirm it was orange: calm Orange was not...: PANIC Orange was not a crewmate: calm
Pat Pal
Pat Pal Пре 24 дана
I only play on Polus, Skeld rarely and MiraHQ hardly ever
Memes are Us
Memes are Us Пре 24 дана
Memer to memer
Heraklios I
Heraklios I Пре 25 дана
Blue: its blue i saw him vent Black: black is safe Red: where Red was not an imposter
Kill inCOD
Kill inCOD Пре 25 дана
#TTS New player comes to the lobbie ppl: ait time to leave That person staying: Im SUPER TALL Me: Wtf hes pertending That Non-new player: YOOOOOO
Kenneth Liu
Kenneth Liu Пре 26 дана
terrible imp friend I would say that plz vote off whoever color of the other imp is.
Ahmad 2
Ahmad 2 Пре 27 дана
#TTS Purple:red safe Purple in next meeting:red sus Me:*Visible confusion*
sami lasri
sami lasri Пре 29 дана
Teacher: What's Among Us? Student 1: It's A Friendship! Student 2: It Learns You How To Lie. Student 3: You Need To Kill And Vent For Safety Then Win. Student 3 was The Impostor
Ethan Uh
Ethan Uh Пре месец
Red : it’s me! Red was ejected. The guy named me : 100 iq
Ethan Uh
Ethan Uh Пре месец
happy redventedtine
The Alien
The Alien Пре месец
8:11 not even gods can make that
orangebluetaz Пре месец
Oversimplified Refrence
Aqua Brat123
Aqua Brat123 Пре месец
4:29 Don't go lyin' to me!
Blue Boi Oh Production's
Blue Boi Oh Production's Пре месец
#TTS Everyone In My Server:Its Blue Me:But Im Blue [Blue Was Not The Imposter]
Jakob Yarns
Jakob Yarns Пре месец
When the pain is unbearable
Breaker PlayzYT
Breaker PlayzYT Пре месец
Crewmate: There are 0 Imposters Among Us. Me: Wait, That’s Illegal.
Pokemon Hunter
Pokemon Hunter Пре месец
#TTS (tit)anic
Tegan Guthrie
Tegan Guthrie Пре месец
#TTS *red sees me vent and tells everyone* Me: panik Also me: red sus Red was not an imposter
SPIDER GAMING. -among us
SPIDER GAMING. -among us Пре месец
Red: black is sus Everyone else: you r guilty guilty guilty Red :why me? Me as a imposter: he was sus Me in my mind: hahaha I'm a evil DR
Just a dumb lover
Just a dumb lover Пре месец
Not the first the 601
Anoky Wolfy
Anoky Wolfy Пре месец
Me when I get impostor : YAY Every body in the lobby : F*ck this sh*t I'm out #TTS
Osirianzz Пре месец
#TTS You run away from body and someone reports it: PANIK Person who reports it doesn’t talk and everyone says skip: kalm The person who reports votes you and everyone votes the person who reports and says he’s not an impostor: PANIK
Crazytart! Пре месец
Imposters Be Like... OH H*** YEAH IM GONNA KILL EVERY-SINGLE ONE OF YALL! *but you realize you need to do visual tasks* Imposter: O_O Crew-mates: *IT’S JUST BEEN REVOKED.* *Red Was The Imposter.*
Kaiden Conley
Kaiden Conley Пре месец
0:32 From the odd1sout out
SG 2048
SG 2048 Пре месец
#TTS Blue: I trapped you here Red: no! I don’t wanna be killed! Blue: there are 3 crewmates left, if I kill one more perso- *EMERGENCY MEETING* blue was the impostor
三毛猫のすず Пре месец
In real:we need 5w1h what where who when why how Among Us:we need 1w0h where
Rebel Pilot
Rebel Pilot Пре месец
#TTS Her: he's probably thinking about other women Him: thinking about other men Her: holdup...... wtf this isn't in the script
funny olaf Ahoahoaho
funny olaf Ahoahoaho Пре месец
Me: press emegrency meeting Red: What Blue: What Green: What Yellow:What Pink: What White: What Lime: What Brown: What Purple: What Orange: What Cyan: WHAT MOTHER FUCKER Henry Stickman 𖨆: Im dancing Me: leaves
Melissa Louise
Melissa Louise Пре месец
Me:does tasks The imposter in a meeting:He was standing there MENACINGLY
ArchibaldMeatPants_121 Пре месец
#TTS Her: he is probably thinking about other women Him: if the dumbest man alive is the dumbest man alive then how does he know the meaning of the word dumb is?
GamingWith RhysWhyte
GamingWith RhysWhyte Пре месец
Vanessa Benitez
Vanessa Benitez Пре месец
First:imposter kills crew mates infront of crew mates. then: Henry stickman dance then: this is good finally : you have been distracted
Adonis and Chris
Adonis and Chris Пре месец
Everyone:Red is Clear he did med bay scan Red:Had 4 tasks in electrical and comes out alive Everyone:Now that's sus #TTS
Tatiane Rizzi
Tatiane Rizzi Пре месец
Fall guys: gets popular Among us: okay, my turn
HappyJimmyGamer _
HappyJimmyGamer _ Пре месец
#TTS *Airship Map Releases* Henry Stickmin players: Hey! I've Seen This One! Among Us Players: What Are You Talking About? It's Completely New!
BNL Animate // A113
BNL Animate // A113 Пре месец
#TTS Skeld, MiraHQ And Airship: Divert Power Polus: We Don't Do That Here
Gabriel Bautista Marquez
Gabriel Bautista Marquez Пре месец
Me:imposter My friend: cremate that kills imposter Me:........
Bentley Gorden
Bentley Gorden Пре месец
Me is faking a task My mind: dont be suspicious don’t be suspicious
TheCube Пре месец
#TTS Where girls cried: titanic Where boys cried: Alex masons death Where legends cried: shepherds betrayal
TumbaS01 Animations
TumbaS01 Animations Пре месец
#TTS Innersloth: *adds accounts and better reporting* Me getting ready to report random accusers: I'm gonna do what's called a pro-gamer move.
Legend Gaming
Legend Gaming Пре месец
#TTS Blue: is doing a task in elec Imposter: I am gonna end this man’s whole career
Kevin Plays Minecraft Story Mode
Kevin Plays Minecraft Story Mode Пре месец
Hello Memeso I Met You In Among Us
Tama Umbas
Tama Umbas Пре месец
#TTS me: *play pc* mom: dont forget to study! me: *pretending to sleep* mom: *walk away* me: *play pc*
Ryan Naderi
Ryan Naderi Пре месец
Purple: it’s red Red: its purple *purple was not the impostor* Red: well its still purple **votes out purple when he’s a ghost** *first time a ghost was ejected* #TTS
It's a spooky month!
It's a spooky month! Пре месец
Arbtou Cheng
Arbtou Cheng Пре месец
Red:me sus Blue:no me sus Black:you all dumb
Jacob Lopez
Jacob Lopez Пре месец
Hamburger Turtle
Zain Karu
Zain Karu Пре месец
Among us: released new airship map Henry Stickmin: I raised that boy #TTS
Zain Karu
Zain Karu Пре месец
Skeld and Polus: have doors that can be sabotaged Mira HQ: We don't do that here #TTS
Adam Baporia
Adam Baporia Пре месец
#TTS Me: Wow red, u are a really good impostor Red: Yeah I have a lot of experience killing people EMERGENCY MEETING!!!
DaveNoob Пре месец
Red : I am impostor! (actually being impostor) Others : Your lying. Red : I am not impostor! (actually isn't) Others : Hella sus. *votes red* #TTS
Tommy Vercetti
Tommy Vercetti Пре месец
Rare Dirt
Rare Dirt Пре месец
#TTS *vent sounds exist* Crewmates: wait, that's illegal
Gaming taco
Gaming taco Пре месец
Nooooo!! We will never know when the airship map will come out!
christopher Пре месец
Everyone: hackers are bad Me: downloads among us hacks to get no ads #TTS
Corey Mitchell
Corey Mitchell Пре месец
What’s my favorite food among us I’m on among us Izzy pepe
Green Grass Gaming
Green Grass Gaming Пре месец
2:23 i did this recently because my kill button broke and wouldn’t let me press it. Sorry Yellow!
Magdalena Mitova
Magdalena Mitova Пре месец
I think I’m the only girl who didn’t cry on eny movie.
Muhammad Zaki Moeharman
Muhammad Zaki Moeharman Пре месец
#TTS Everyone:Red sus Me as red:im not sus i have scan Everyone:Voted red RED WAS NOT AN IMPOSTOR Everyone:Ight imma head out
aryan palia
aryan palia Пре месец
You are an impostor but someone calls an emergency meeting :Panik They don't say it's you:Kalm They sus on you:Panik
Dragon King
Dragon King Пре месец
Yellow: Emergency Meeting Everyone: What Yellow: I Have Scan Everyone: OK :) " Yellow Was Not The Impostor "
Blue Lightning Gamez
Blue Lightning Gamez Пре месец
#TTS Red: Kills on cams Person on cams: cYaN sUs Everyone: Votes cyan Red: Kills VICTORY
Blue Lightning Gamez
Blue Lightning Gamez Пре месец
@Repolosette No they are just dumb
Repolosette Пре месец
twist is person on cams is other impostor
Zain Karu
Zain Karu Пре месец
Mira HQ and Skeld having vents Polus: we don't do that here
Zain Karu
Zain Karu Пре месец
Real evidence as to why someone is imposter Among us public lobbies: we don't do that here #TTS
Zain Karu
Zain Karu Пре месец
Girl: he's probably thinking about other women Guy: What is stopping crewmates from venting??? #TTS
Zachary Townsend
Zachary Townsend Пре месец
#TTS I am the dumbest player alive Green I walk passed yellows body and see cyan vent out and say I seen yellow kill and cyan scanned
Pat Pal
Pat Pal Пре месец
3:52 I COMPLETLEY LOST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrbreadman Memes
Mrbreadman Memes Пре месец
Ur imposter: calm Someone says ur sus: panic U don’t get voted of: calm The task bar is almost full: panic #TTS
carlo lozada
carlo lozada Пре месец
#TTM among us:runs to do tasks Henry stickmin:saves them Also Henry:IM GOING TO SAVE YOU MINI CREWMATES society:sus
Ace Bragais
Ace Bragais Пре месец
#TTS Me: I saw the imposter Everyone: *votes me* The Imposter that I saw him killed in lab with someone else:he is sus Everyone: *believes and votes the innocent crewmate*
AbdullahGGsTV Пре месец
#TTS GameAwards : And The Best Multiplayer Game is A- InnerSloth : YESSSSSS GameAwards : pex Legends InnerSloth : -○●-
Umuhoza Claudine
Umuhoza Claudine Пре месец
I can't see a video
Umuhoza Claudine
Umuhoza Claudine Пре месец
Are you kidding me
Ethan Joaquin Cabarrubias
Ethan Joaquin Cabarrubias Пре месец
Skeld: Prime Shields and Trash is a visual task. Mira and Polus: we dont do that here #TTS
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller Пре месец
Lina Grate
Lina Grate Пре месец
Among us : im kina dead Herny: bruh #TTS
Austin GAMEPlay
Austin GAMEPlay Пре месец
Cyan: kill impostor purple. Red :purple kill front of me. Ghost purple: but cyan kill me. Everyone: but purple is dead.
fireman braids
fireman braids Пре месец
#TTs Me: *join lobby but my colour is black* Me: yes I got my colour yes Host: *bans me just so they can be black* Me: *join on my phone and say black vented*
Daniel Lam
Daniel Lam Пре месец
Imposters when they know they will be ejected… Noobs: tell out your partner's colour Pros: don't say anything about your partner Me: tell the fake truth or say the one who reported me is my partner who betrayed me
Abshar fauzan
Abshar fauzan Пре месец
Me:Waiting to Uptade airship map Developer:We work Date: ?/?/2021
Brastix Пре месец
When the imposer is suns! 😳
Melissa Brooks
Melissa Brooks Пре месец
4:00 this explains everything.....
Zain Karu
Zain Karu Пре месец
#TTS POV: You win as imposter because you tricked everyone Toxic 9 year olds: ...and I took that personally
GamingTime Пре месец
H & D Presto
H & D Presto Пре месец
Anyone know the release date of airship map
H & D Presto
H & D Presto Пре месец
Jomeiguy 44
Jomeiguy 44 Пре месец
#TTS Girl: hes probally thinking of another girl. Him: Are zebras white with black lines or black with white lines?
mlo5ea gamer
mlo5ea gamer Пре месец
Me: *The swipe card task is easy i want something harder.* Also me: *trying to open my phone with the fingerprint* The scaner: No match do it again.
Orhan Asker
Orhan Asker Пре месец
red:blue sus blue:black vented yellow:e g g everyone:e g g sus orange was an impostor
Xxdj Gaming
Xxdj Gaming Пре месец
Dark green:blue Me:ok if not him green is- Others:proof???????? #TTS
E-ify Пре месец
"Like the video rn or you sus" Me who plays as Jester :)
Stephanie Stephens
Stephanie Stephens Пре месец
These are always great
·Exøtíc _Nøøb·
·Exøtíc _Nøøb· Пре месец
#TTS Blue: **reports the body** Blue:Brown Brown:This is a self report Everyone: **votes Blue** Blue was not an Imposter
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