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Episode 70 of funniest among us memes
Welcome back to Memesso! Today we've got 70th part of funniest among us memes, emergency meeting memes, imposter memes, among us chat memes, crewmate memes, but stay tuned - so many more memes are coming!. Subscribe today to watch all the upcoming funniest memes first!, among us new update memes.
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greyson waalk
greyson waalk Пре 3 дана
impostor: i have no fears but that... red: yellow sus it scares me
Players Spiderman
Players Spiderman Пре 4 дана
Saying sus that means you don't know how to say suspicious 😂😂
Wing Hong Chia
Wing Hong Chia Пре 5 дана
Girls Mad: idk Boys mad: killed by imp with no one Gamers mad: CREWMATE THERE IS 2 IMPOSTERS AMONG US
Sustin Y.
Sustin Y. Пре 5 дана
If anything, I wish I heard about this game before it had gotten popular. I almost have PTSD From hearing the meeting sound because I know everyone is going to vote me for no reason.
Marinette Пре 6 дана
You when you have fix wiring task: (: You when you have the downloading task: ):
Me: * walks into electrical and sees body then reports it* Also me: no one was there but I was going to do wires Everybody: black sus. Me as a ghost who’s black: WELL F-
hyper cat
hyper cat Пре 10 дана
#TTS Red: i wish im not sus God: your too sus for that
purple impostor
purple impostor Пре 11 дана
Omg im sus i didnot like the video ok
Gamer Jase
Gamer Jase Пре 15 дана
You are Nykiel from you have a Michael face you are SpongeBob you are milk you are Patrick you’re a dumb is Patrick you know that your P because Griffin date Shari Shari you are a B team you are right Archies you make the line because you are a cheese do you not know how to I want that works because you are a cheese with Griffin girls did he go orange cake to get it because the roof is it a rat he is wrecked her think I was at the rat and you I don’t know if you Michael said he would be a big cheese far
Gamer Jase
Gamer Jase Пре 15 дана
Milk and cheese you don’t like that because you are FT TV to shut up you cut to the chase and Georgie you don’t know how to eat your George because you were Michael is a cow if you didn’t know that that was cool because I am cool you don’t know how to cool because you’re not cool you are a poop and milk you don’t know cheese and milk and you don’t know him and take his life
Gamer Jase
Gamer Jase Пре 15 дана
Onto the mac & cheese on the charge is the milk cold and cheese milk and cheese and milk because of her she’s not interested because she doesn’t know if Wikipedia roblox milk and cheese and bake put it in the truth is you FT TV in the tree so do you wanna change it to four today got to go to the bathroom got a poop you got up to go to do you want truth and you are in the truth you are true and you are poop and they seem to be dumb and if he is poop and he is a cheese filled idiot out of you get your ice cream
Wile E. Coyote
Wile E. Coyote Пре 18 дана
3:10 I can’t believe how accurate this is! Me and my friends were playing among us and the public lobby ended with f and it took forever to be filled
Cammy Mallari
Cammy Mallari Пре 19 дана
7:59 A message to the Karens these days
Agro Mech
Agro Mech Пре 19 дана
Among us:I am inevitable Minecraft:I am stupid Roblox:I was a legend one time
Janice Hufalar-RobloxNate
Janice Hufalar-RobloxNate Пре 23 дана
im not sus
Abigail Rear
Abigail Rear Пре 23 дана
6:00 no sus in turkish means ornamental
RaresPlayzz Пре 23 дана
Or Among Us: exists Hackers: ...and i took that personally
RaresPlayzz Пре 23 дана
Among Us: exists Hackers: i dont know who i am. I dont know why im here. All i know is... that i must hack
Mohd Asymawi Mohd Rosli
Mohd Asymawi Mohd Rosli Пре 23 дана
orang is person in Malaysian
Hina Usman
Hina Usman Пре 24 дана
When the meeting votes skip Imposter: So u choose Death
Big Jr
Big Jr Пре 26 дана
11:09 that's happened to me before
Luke Bergen
Luke Bergen Пре 26 дана
#TTS *Sabotaging* *Moving and sabotaging* Corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture and this picture. *The 6 Dummies* They’re the same picture.
NHD Пре 29 дана
8:50 people who use both paths: *i am 4 parallel universes ahead from you*
ʜɪᴍɪᴋᴏ ᴛᴏɢᴀ
ʜɪᴍɪᴋᴏ ᴛᴏɢᴀ Пре месец
Цебиков Церен
Цебиков Церен Пре месец
########## ###### ########
filbert_zenbet Пре месец
Me: Its red he did weapon but not shooting Other player: Shut up visual task are off
filbert_zenbet Пре месец
Me:(i got 3 task on electrical) Me: (done my task out electrical and i alive) Among us be like: WAIT THAT BREAK RULE!
AdrianYT Пре месец
#TTS Red: blue sus **votes blue** Blue: red sus **votes red** Green, in the final 3, as an imposter: *Okay, so I'm imposter, and I'm gonna kill one of you.* Both Red and Blue: wait what- [Nobody was ejected. (Tie)]
Slyngemor Пре месец
meme Me and my imposter did asteroid:) Red: No Im is weapons Blue: No ur In admin with me Green: purple sus Pink and lime: yeah sus Purple: random voter Me:uhh they are lol but they Got my friend “Purple was the imposter”
Maya Hossain
Maya Hossain Пре месец
Did I just saw a dumb ways to die meme?
Jaye Jaye
Jaye Jaye Пре месец
This help me because my dad just went to jail
Uyscutie 2009
Uyscutie 2009 Пре месец
Among us and tinder have switched places
[Content Deleted]
[Content Deleted] Пре месец
6:04 im turkish too but i use english more than my real nationality
Tyler Price
Tyler Price Пре месец
6:23 i do that lol
Kwintyn Melton
Kwintyn Melton Пре месец
But let me tell you something you can make the voting time infinite ♾ so like yeah one time I did that and there was an afk
Hot Blade
Hot Blade Пре месец
Don't leave the game when you're a crewmate, or DRAW 25. Random Among Us players: [Proceed to draw 25.]
Oliver - Roblox
Oliver - Roblox Пре месец
ok ok I’m not sus anymore
Linda Helt
Linda Helt Пре месец
2:13 where’s Candace
HUNT3R H2012
HUNT3R H2012 Пре месец
#TTS Skeld and Polus: Non Connecting vents MIRA HQ: You guys are not satisfying as me
Harrison Swider
Harrison Swider Пре месец
3:09 "However, those that end with the letter F have a much harder time being filled." Me, who every lobby I make ends with an F: Suffering from success
Shawn Cummins
Shawn Cummins Пре месец
10:46 why does download/upload count as a short task, that should count as a long task.
Dragon King
Dragon King Пре месец
This Year On 2020 And 2021 Are The Most Worst Year In The Universe
BNL Animate // A113
BNL Animate // A113 Пре месец
#TTS Skeld, MiraHQ And Airship: Divert Power Polus: We Don't Do That Here
Hannah Rojas
Hannah Rojas Пре месец
There was this one guy playing among us with the rest of us and he called a random meeting and said Happy Thanks/giving to everyone 🥺 *THEN WE VOTED HIM OUT*
AndrejKrsteski Gaming
AndrejKrsteski Gaming Пре месец
me: kills a crewmate My impostor teammate: rats me out Me: Bruh
As a proud Utahan I take offense in the meme at 12:03.
BlueWolf Пре месец
I did medbay scan so I’m not sus IM SAFE >:)
Callan Portner
Callan Portner Пре месец
Me: Gets imposter :D The rest of the lobby: LeTs pLaY HiDe aNd SeEk!11!!!!
Ash Пре месец
i just get sussed for no reason all the time
smileyboss Пре месец
maze on polus be like phone: nooooooooo pc: easyyyyyyyyy
Lucy M984M
Lucy M984M Пре месец
Red: I saw green vent so lets vote yellow and lime is pretty sus too so i am pretty sure its him Everyone else: (Confused Unga Bunga)
Jordan Rayzor Fletcher Rayzor Productions
Jordan Rayzor Fletcher Rayzor Productions Пре месец
No u
Mithi Tiwari
Mithi Tiwari Пре месец
the breaker90
the breaker90 Пре месец
1:53 that do be FACTS doe
Daajxc Пре месец
13:56 pink=the one who shows everyone his moves Black=the person who dose nothing Red and white=the impostors Cyan and blue=the persons who get killed first Mini purple and brown=the mini crew Green=the hider Yellow=the one who leaves a fire every time Orange=the one who gets voted out every time in the start of the game for no reason Purple and brown=the ghost
Kate McGuire
Kate McGuire Пре месец
at 3:24
Kate McGuire
Kate McGuire Пре месец
Definitely not The inkposter
Definitely not The inkposter Пре месец
5:19 kick the baby!
Swedish Mapper
Swedish Mapper Пре месец
Fun Fact When somebody says: "I'm not the imposter" They are the ImpostOr
Aidans Animations
Aidans Animations Пре месец
Derekfeisar Reyes diaz
Derekfeisar Reyes diaz Пре месец
Why do people vote me out when I only say I have scan come watch me That happens when no o e speaks they just vote me WHY?!
Liam Vanyo
Liam Vanyo Пре месец
U suser
Feline Gamer
Feline Gamer Пре месец
Fake killing and vent tasks. Me: either this guy wants a clean the vents task or he wants to force tasks to vent in front of everyone so the tasks get ejected for an instant win. The tasks: Wtf how dare you Me: or maybe he wants to vent as a task so HE gets ejected. The tasks: perfection
B. kiran
B. kiran Пре месец
if visual tasks are off and u are the imposter u can say i really scaned because the visual task off
B. kiran
B. kiran Пре месец
2:28 That me a black with hat and agent suit NICE ME IN RSplayer
File_SXNyYWVs Пре месец
Me who wants to watch a video: i hope nothing interrupts me Traitor 3D Ad: *Im gonna stop you right there*
Louise Parker
Louise Parker Пре месец
Crewmate: acts normally That random: Write that down, write that down!
Iron Nite24
Iron Nite24 Пре месец
This is so funny
J&M Пре месец
Blue: dead body reported Everyone: who Blue: i don’t no i think brown run away from purple’s body in security and vented to Medway Pink: it is brown I saw him vented in front of me while I was scanning myself Brown: i was doing task in storage because nobody was in storage so skip Blue and pink:pls trust us Brown was an imposter
Rowena Honeylet Parcon
Rowena Honeylet Parcon Пре месец
Memesso; like the video right now, or you are sus me; you are sus cuz you are holding a gun means your the imposter
Hhh Brown
Hhh Brown Пре месец
Black: *emergency meeting* "Discuss!" Black: hi Everyone else: black sus *Black was not An Imposter.* *2 Imposters remain.* #TTS
Hhh Brown
Hhh Brown Пре месец
@DemonWolfGaming *never* *ever*
DemonWolfGaming Пре месец
Never vote out the random callers
Gamer Royal
Gamer Royal Пре месец
This is kinda like the game what do u meme
Leonardo&Dylan ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Toys&roblox
Leonardo&Dylan ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Toys&roblox Пре месец
꧁BełłaPlayx YT꧂
꧁BełłaPlayx YT꧂ Пре месец
3:10 Q: Quick F: Fail
GJ and D'Andre Brinson
GJ and D'Andre Brinson Пре месец
red : never gets imp red : nvm i give up ima play fall guys everyone else : bye red but you cant leave red : what
GJ and D'Andre Brinson
GJ and D'Andre Brinson Пре месец
roblox and among u is like : LOL
Sam Rodabaugh
Sam Rodabaugh Пре месец
Heart this comment or you mega sus
evil little kitty tyler
evil little kitty tyler Пре месец
7:6 private join button gets you on the latest sever you leave
Paweł Dargacz
Paweł Dargacz Пре месец
Skeld and polus:mirahó be with us Mirahó:no plus you both are sus skeld you are red and polus you are Orange Orange is Light red red is red Skeld:WHAT THE Polus:WHY AM I SUS SKELD IS SUS Kermit:hi guys Im new umm :Kermit left the game: Skeld polus and mirahó:what was that Kermit thing Am
Rhiane Rochelle Felix
Rhiane Rochelle Felix Пре месец
3:08 Me in a lobby that ends with F: true
TheLifeOfAnika Пре месец
#TTS me:*Joins a public lobby and it starts immediately*Yey! 3 minutes later emergency meeting and chaos voting time:ADIOS
Marife Pareja
Marife Pareja Пре месец
8:50 I do them both.
LewanceBoi Пре месец
plot twist: 2020 was just acting sus and 2021 was the real impostor
Rowena Honeylet Parcon
Rowena Honeylet Parcon Пре месец
yellow; purple [me] he faked task me [purple]; what task then yellow; idk me; why you said I faked task when you don't know what it is everyone; yellow sus
Husky DoesStuff
Husky DoesStuff Пре месец
It's funny that you think I have friends
Felopateer Sharabin
Felopateer Sharabin Пре месец
black: vents me: calling and telling them that he vented crewmates: being cool and not voting him and skipping me: knowing i am going to die
Moonwatcher Пре месец
10:10 Wrong episode Line was messed up
celina sanchez
celina sanchez Пре месец
12:28 Can't wait for new map
Rhick Anthony Doone Buaron
Rhick Anthony Doone Buaron Пре месец
0:20 my imposter mate telling that i scanned with him Me: Faking task in navigation with 7 people
ClassicGames Пре месец
#TTS When i try to tell everyone im gonna scan but no one follows me into medbay 30 secs later: Emergency meeting Everyone: Bro ur sus Me gets voted out and i just wanted to prove my innocence *cries*
Amela Sejfic
Amela Sejfic Пре месец
Among us funny
Black Impostor
Black Impostor Пре месец
Impostor : **kills a crewmate** Meanwhile in a parallel universe : red sus he’s the crewmate Red was not the crewmate 1 crewmates remain
Adaley Fox
Adaley Fox Пре месец
This thing reads migraine as meegrane lol😂😂😂
Raphael Cernay
Raphael Cernay Пре месец
1:07 ninny: i wonder what's this red button do ? also ninny: press the button every dwtd character: vote him out ninny: not impostor (1 impostor remain)
Wai ki Chan
Wai ki Chan Пре месец
neil wheeeler
neil wheeeler Пре месец
I already sus
Sahin Kayal
Sahin Kayal Пре месец
#TTS You have scan in medbay Cyan saw you Cyan killed you
skully boy
skully boy Пре месец
#TTS Me: does all four elec tasks without dying. Everyone: HE IS THE MESSIAH!
Gotta Craft ‘Em all
Gotta Craft ‘Em all Пре 27 дана
@John Allison fk im an idiot
John Allison
John Allison Пре 27 дана
@Gotta Craft ‘Em all they're 4. XD
Jordanlee Chun lok
Jordanlee Chun lok Пре месец
#TTS Imposter:*kills someone right in front of everyone Red (crewmate):blue is the imposter Everyone:*votes red because blue said red sus* Red everyone is stupid except me
James Coloma
James Coloma Пре месец
1:03 i wonder whats this red button do
Tabby_cat Meow!
Tabby_cat Meow! Пре месец
“cOnFuSeD hUnGa BuNgA”
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