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Episode 32 of Funniest boys vs girls memes!
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Welcome back to Memesso! Today we've got 32th part of funniest boys vs girls memes compilation,boys during quarantine memes, girls during quarantine memes, boys during quarantine vs girls during quarantine memes,boys pockets vs girls pockets memes, boys locker room vs girls locker room memes, boys with time machine memes but stay tuned - so many more memes are coming!. Subscribe today to watch all the upcoming funniest memes first!
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Pépin Fradet
Pépin Fradet Пре 13 сати
#TTS to China with corona
Thomas Mathis
Thomas Mathis Пре 19 сати
Girls always wanted equallity so basically we can hit them
Liam O'Neil
Liam O'Neil Пре дан
Oh my god the thumb nail
ChickenFish999 Пре дан
ChickenFish999 Пре дан
Yu Chen Liu
Yu Chen Liu Пре дан
Teacher: "today we are playing paint bal-" Me: *ALRIGHT FUCK IT, HEY RUSSIA GIVE THAT AK47 TO ME*
Rabby Sidhu
Rabby Sidhu Пре дан
#TTS girl looks at guy Society does nothing Guy looks at girl Society what's wrong with you
Enzo Johansson
Enzo Johansson Пре 3 дана
i'd love to meet the teacher that lets their class play paintball
Genesis Ardi Liong
Genesis Ardi Liong Пре 3 дана
#TTS Teacher : today we will play paintball Girls : I hope the boy's go easy on us" Boys : Remember No Survival
The Gaming Wolf
The Gaming Wolf Пре 3 дана
Club penguin. :(
Rowa Пре 4 дана
Girls: Im here for you bestie, if anything goes wrong i will be here for you! Boys: No
エレン・イェーガー Пре 4 дана
#TTS Her: hes probably thinking of other woman Him: if everything is possible,that means its possible to be impossible?
revenge of roblox
revenge of roblox Пре 4 дана
boy this meme hits me hard 1:49
powtimepower toes
powtimepower toes Пре 5 дана
#TTS Girl: He is probably thinking about other women. Boy: if its called a toasted sandwich, is it a sandwich or is it toast?
Storm Seeker
Storm Seeker Пре 5 дана
Normal women: cries at titanic Me: *dies of laugher*
M o o r a t 1 2
M o o r a t 1 2 Пре 5 дана
#TTS Girl: how come he didnt cry at titanic? Girl: IKR? Boys: When I see you again.... (Ending of Fast 7)
Stephanie Carson
Stephanie Carson Пре 6 дана
Honestly I don't even care if a boy hits me because I just hit them right back
Kotka 2207
Kotka 2207 Пре 6 дана
1:57 I would do the same thing.... I am a boy
James Bender
James Bender Пре 6 дана
#TTS Girls: OMG I think Brandon likes me Boys: You have committed treason and shall be shunned
Sarah Nestor
Sarah Nestor Пре 6 дана
#TTS girls when they score in soccer yes good job team the boys when they score LET'S GOOOOOOOO
Leah Janis
Leah Janis Пре 8 дана
#TTS Girls:Boys don’t cry for no reason Boys: Watches Imposter kill him but he for got that he have a child* Also Boys:😨😨😨😟😟😟😱😱😱
#TTS At the end 4:43, Memmeso said how we want to dress. Which clearly means Memmeso is girl.
xdFaZe Flame
xdFaZe Flame Пре 8 дана
Girls getting hit while playing doge ball: Oh I guess I’m out. Guys: Welcome to the gulag
Ian McNeil
Ian McNeil Пре 8 дана
1:47 hahahahaaha
Safadizzrora Пре 9 дана
Girls when they see each other *hugs each other* boys when they see each other after a 10 years: Damn it i knew u will be an asshole forever
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer Пре 9 дана
Girl : *Hits me* You Cant hit a Girl back Me : *Activates Blood Punch*
Genoteerde Koe
Genoteerde Koe Пре 10 дана
4:12 true im dutch and im over 6 feet lol
Bryce Muchi
Bryce Muchi Пре 10 дана
1:37 i felt that
Anthony William Ces
Anthony William Ces Пре 10 дана
No one: Me seeing a black and white guy at the bathroom at my dream: *High pitched demonic screeching*
Colleen Cupido
Colleen Cupido Пре 11 дана
Guys die faster because we like guns more so i wont die i now haw to work a kar mosin m4a1 minigun scar pump sks dbs oh i could go on
Papa the Bear
Papa the Bear Пре 12 дана
Girl: she's a tiger for the first time a fat cat. Boys: see a tiger for the first time kill it
Amit Krishna
Amit Krishna Пре 12 дана
5:47 what da fu-
Nolan Bonning
Nolan Bonning Пре 12 дана
I got dumped by 3 girls so far and I have complimented them but they didn't so It kinda sucks
Cone Videos
Cone Videos Пре 12 дана
2:07 I started laughing while in my room alone at 6:30 AM with the lights off
RedstoneGamerOrg Пре 13 дана
4:36 The Guy wants her girl to be a husband BAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Cancer Vegeta
Cancer Vegeta Пре 13 дана
#TTS Girls in World War: MERCY! Boys in World War: "Just like in the simulations..."
That_one_Drift Пре 13 дана
#TTS In case of a minecraft meme vid. Me: Plays minecraft with the boys. The Smart Boy: Get's knocked into lava by Strong Boy Strong Boy: Get's attacked by a horde of Wither Skeletons Speed Runner: Burns to death by Blazes Me and my Wolf: Walks out of the Nether with 23 Eyes on Ender My Wolf: Falls into Lava Me: Input Yoda feeling death and evil
Trianne Magallanes
Trianne Magallanes Пре 14 дана
HAHA Ahahah
HAHA Ahahah Пре 14 дана
104 what the🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dakota Пре 14 дана
4:04 same
Dakota Пре 14 дана
1:47 we do not care
have you seen this dog? Now you have.
have you seen this dog? Now you have. Пре 14 дана
Girls: He is probably thinking about other women Guy: If vegatable oil is made out of vegetables and sunflower oil is made from sunflowers ... What is baby oil made out of?
Ajvstoto Пре 15 дана
5:29 hol up wtf is this?
Tyler Cruickshank
Tyler Cruickshank Пре 15 дана
I hit a girl girl: u can't hit a girl me a communist: when was that a thing
j k
j k Пре 16 дана
5:00 so true
Russian Astartes
Russian Astartes Пре 16 дана
0:55 *sbeve*
AAgamesangelo 07
AAgamesangelo 07 Пре 16 дана
4.12 im made for it then I'm dutch and over 6 feet
Cheap Taco
Cheap Taco Пре 17 дана
4:44 “WE” you say huh?
Ayden Vath
Ayden Vath Пре 17 дана
#TTS​ remember no rushing
Ello The Troller
Ello The Troller Пре 17 дана
#TTS When theres boy vs girls game: Boy: I really dont want a gender war.. Man: removal of your boys badge.
Brogan A. Fitzgerald
Brogan A. Fitzgerald Пре 17 дана
3:04 little did we know he's skin colored
Cactus Person
Cactus Person Пре 18 дана
#TTS Her:he's probaly thinking about other women Him:in the flash season 1 finale eddie kill himself and reverse flash was never born doesn't this mean barry's mom is alive?
RyYa Пре 18 дана
Wait what? 1:49
Marie Gooney
Marie Gooney Пре 19 дана
im from ireland
Infinite The Jackal
Infinite The Jackal Пре 20 дана
Girl: saves a girls life Society: aw nice Boy: saves a girls life Society: get a load of this *s i m p*
Michael DeCoste
Michael DeCoste Пре 21 дан
#tts Girl: *posts black screen that says BLM on their social media* Boy: *does same thing* Their thoughts: well boys we done it, racism is no more
Meleeking 21
Meleeking 21 Пре 21 дан
1:17 the secret is in the balls
Mr._Lamp Пре 21 дан
#TTS 14yo girls: she believed Boys: rocket waltz jump
Orin B
Orin B Пре 21 дан
7:21 this one is quite obviously from florida or anywhere there is not much snow, i am from colorado. So i know how to handle some snow.
Orin B
Orin B Пре 21 дан
4:04 Why don't you just get the gu- ooh, it is meant for those still young (or poor), okay. So get a job and wait a couple of years, then you can do that.
baddie Пре 22 дана
0:57 hahahhaha *sbeve* haha
Keygan Dalton
Keygan Dalton Пре 22 дана
i play clarinet at school
Kavin Bala
Kavin Bala Пре 22 дана
I just wanna speak to woman
ZipZap 43
ZipZap 43 Пре 22 дана
You got Boi’s mostly right but I am a gamer and I don’t do much sports
MG -Reflex
MG -Reflex Пре 22 дана
4:12 heck yeah dude we're tall as hell
filip mus
filip mus Пре 24 дана
Memeso need mu subcribe.
Neetupam Bora
Neetupam Bora Пре 24 дана
Has nobody killed a cockroach while it is flying??
DemonWolfGaming Пре 26 дана
It’s so accurate that it’s almost like it’s not memes
David&1 Пре 26 дана
I'm a boy and now I hate you .SERIOUSLY
MarioPlushCaden Пре 22 дана
He saying we’re going to hell Bc were boys
MarioPlushCaden Пре 22 дана
Ikr, but he didn’t make the memes so don’t hate on him
Popi Liakounakou
Popi Liakounakou Пре 26 дана
if u haven't played mw 2 the boys image from the paintball meme is before makarov and the squad kill every one in the airport with no mercy
raidenjooj Пре 27 дана
4:44 why are one buzzlightrooper there
Vojta44 Пре 28 дана
‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ ‌
shadow_slayer666 Пре 28 дана
#TTS When it snows just a little I'm so sorry girls I can't come over Boys when it snows to the hight of a car I'll be there in a sec
Mulaya Mukenge
Mulaya Mukenge Пре 29 дана
Me and the BOIS are making paint bomb 💣 🎨💥
Clemens Schlagzeug
Clemens Schlagzeug Пре месец
3:14 that's me and my friends 😂🤣😂
Isak Månefrost 8A Svensgårdsskolan
Isak Månefrost 8A Svensgårdsskolan Пре месец
2:05 story of my life
William Helton
William Helton Пре месец
juans death
Dungeon Daddy
Dungeon Daddy Пре месец
I laughed EVERY single clip (Nice vid)
Tas Box
Tas Box Пре месец
2:50 yo pass me that video link real quick
Kirubel Asmelash
Kirubel Asmelash Пре месец
If girls are always better you are not good memer worse than devil and I hate always Harrash boys
Jeffrey Cant
Jeffrey Cant Пре месец
It's incredible how real these Memes are
northmen321 pubg24
northmen321 pubg24 Пре месец
Girl:have u any émotion ? Boy:all Minecraft World ave been delete 😭😭😭😭
1:59 damn i cried I really miss grandpa😭😭😭
Clayton Williams
Clayton Williams Пре месец
lel meh luv Channel yesh :>
george ghazal
george ghazal Пре месец
Lucian Giroux
Lucian Giroux Пре месец
07Pongprab Yunchalam
07Pongprab Yunchalam Пре месец
#TTS Girls: You probably haven't felt any betrayal in your life before Boys: *General Shepherd's betrayal*
LUCKY_LUKE Пре месец
4:07 fakka broers waar zijn jullie
Agent LSS
Agent LSS Пре месец
#TTS Would you punch your friend for 3000000000$? Girl: No, I love my Besty Boy: Execute Order 66
you fool i
you fool i Пре месец
Girls in Nerf battle:amend Ur such a crack head Boys in Nerf battle:avengers accembel #TTS
심채빈 Пре месец
i wish there were memes that make us girls the 'crazy ones' :(
MarioPlushCaden Пре 22 дана
Same, I’m a boy and I feel bad for being one
Hamster. Пре месец
#TTS Girls One yacht: Take Selfies and other stuff Boys: Surviving 24 hours on Bermuda triangle
Lars Hems
Lars Hems Пре месец
I am dutch😂
Hot Banana
Hot Banana Пре месец
adverti(semen)ts in my mind i removed the word in the brackets and for laughed for no reason. i'm weird
DenisLoveCats Пре месец
2:04 true
G G Пре месец
#tts Girls at sleepover (pillow fight) Boys at sleepover (full on war)
Dead Burst
Dead Burst Пре месец
Hahaha that's fucking hillaryous "bitch pun drums"
kingSprayify Пре месец
2:51 yeah dont do that
Rheese Galant
Rheese Galant Пре месец
Girls:This shampoo has vitamins and will soften my hair Boys:Shampoo is shampoo
ҬẏłἔʀẊ Пре месец
karlo noobek
karlo noobek Пре месец
#TTS Women: I draw soo bad Evryone: No its cute Man:I draw soo bad Everyone:Yea its soo bad
karlo noobek
karlo noobek Пре месец
karlo noobek
karlo noobek Пре месец
Women: I draw soo bad Evryone: No its so cute Man:I draw soo bad Everyone:Yea its soo bad
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