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Episode 33 of Funniest boys vs girls memes!
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Welcome back to Memesso! Today we've got 33th part of funniest boys vs girls memes compilation,boys during quarantine memes, girls during quarantine memes, boys during quarantine vs girls during quarantine memes,boys pockets vs girls pockets memes, boys locker room vs girls locker room memes, boys with time machine memes but stay tuned - so many more memes are coming!. Subscribe today to watch all the upcoming funniest memes first!
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chole pralhad
chole pralhad Пре 3 сата
🐶🐶🐶💼💼💼🍪🍪🍪 i gave biscuts to dog
Justin Sookdeo
Justin Sookdeo Пре 21 сат
3:50 I only had one of those and I didn't know they had triangles ones in the US
Kazakcanhragmertu. Пре 21 сат
I have a bf: My brain: bf-109 G-6. Bf 109 f4, bf 109 k4, bf 109 f2, bf 109 f1, bf 109 E-3, bf 109 E-1, bf 109 E-2.
Kazakcanhragmertu. Пре 21 сат
I have a bf: My brain: bf-109 G-6.
Troll Warlord
Troll Warlord Пре дан
6:12 Goddamn true!
Emiliano Chavez
Emiliano Chavez Пре дан
I bet most of the dislikes are girls
Mr. Dotte
Mr. Dotte Пре дан
The 2:50 meme isn't true, I know from experience
Peace Пре дан
I'm here for the girl thumbnail plz:)
gg palastine utman
gg palastine utman Пре дан
girls love pool well boys like killing and blood are we cool
Hannah NeKelly
Hannah NeKelly Пре дан
Dominykas Klevas
Dominykas Klevas Пре дан
btw whos that girl in the thumbnail. Shes kinda cute tho
ps4_plays cool
ps4_plays cool Пре дан
It's all true
Zero Kyun
Zero Kyun Пре 2 дана
5:55 ok, this made me kinda sad
Preslaw Marinov
Preslaw Marinov Пре 2 дана
6:29 That still hurts...
not black
not black Пре 2 дана
When did the penguins start to get internet memes?
David Wilson
David Wilson Пре 2 дана
Girls: Billie songs are the saddest! Boys: Plays *insert any Nirvana song here*
Mr Potato
Mr Potato Пре 2 дана
Cute girl with oversized hoodie is the best
Brombi PL
Brombi PL Пре 2 дана
4:00 this is so fucking true
Sector 7
Sector 7 Пре 2 дана
2:49 thank men of culture not me
Tanner Church
Tanner Church Пре 2 дана
5:50 hit different 😔
Adar Dogan
Adar Dogan Пре 2 дана
1:38 wow dude ım cryin right now.
The Demoman
The Demoman Пре 2 дана
Oh, I know what I'd do if I had time travel... GOING TO PURGE SOME HERETICS
Blood repear
Blood repear Пре 2 дана
Time travel:is invented Girls:omg I am going to see my young grandparents Boys:I am going to kill that guy who sold me a fake ps4
CosmicComet_270 Пре 2 дана
Apathetic Gamer
Apathetic Gamer Пре 2 дана
2:27 hmmmm both are good but still take the rpg so correct
Erenaldo Supremo
Erenaldo Supremo Пре 2 дана
4:46 Letícia Shirayuki do nada.
Jimboy Nuer
Jimboy Nuer Пре 12 сати
@Erenaldo Supremo ok 👍
Erenaldo Supremo
Erenaldo Supremo Пре 13 сати
@Jimboy Nuer Leticia Shirayuki
Jimboy Nuer
Jimboy Nuer Пре 19 сати
Her Name?
Jerry Yan Krismanto
Jerry Yan Krismanto Пре 2 дана
wait, so their toilet has working water?
Jvx Gaming
Jvx Gaming Пре 2 дана
1:39 that kinda hit me hard
Filipus Varel
Filipus Varel Пре 2 дана
Should i laugh?
Kenad bienaime
Kenad bienaime Пре 2 дана
ThatGuyNamedTohuki Пре 3 дана
i'm pretty sure that garlic bread flight footage is from Tom Scott. he was doing a video about how garlic bread would taste different if sent high up
eloH kcalB
eloH kcalB Пре 3 дана
Aryan Aryan
Aryan Aryan Пре 3 дана
How many girls are watching this video comment me
The Lost Planet
The Lost Planet Пре 3 дана
Boys: I've a girlfriend Girls: Me too Dat's all.
Aazk Пре 3 дана
3:21 you know you've got a real friend if he says that to you.
The cat player
The cat player Пре 3 дана
The richest guy in the world 3:50
Jacob Пре 3 дана
I only need one towel and one soap bottle, thats all!
Melonen_gaming Пре 3 дана
#TTS Time travel: invented Girls: omg i want to see michael jackson Boys: Where is the inventer of math?!? Btw im from germany
Kujo Jotaro
Kujo Jotaro Пре 3 дана
I Felt the last one
The Division SHD
The Division SHD Пре 3 дана
#TTS Girls: Oh my goodness... He has a Tesla, A mansion, and he works out. Boys: Bro! she looked at me!
Sue Thompson
Sue Thompson Пре 3 дана
Sue Thompson
Sue Thompson Пре 3 дана
Do the are we there yet
Jadon Murakami
Jadon Murakami Пре 3 дана
In 3:03 the lady reminds me of the lady from Yo mama. She reminds me of the ugly yo mama, no offense.
Filty Boi
Filty Boi Пре 3 дана
Jhunmichael Ibanez
Jhunmichael Ibanez Пре 3 дана
What is #TTS and why is everybody commenting it Also lol I thought it was just me that organizes the coins from biggest to smallest
toni marka
toni marka Пре 3 дана
When Roch and Ghost died all man cried
Cake Пре 4 дана
I didn't cry to titanic I cried to attack on titan and random games where the main character dies :)
giuseppe carbone
giuseppe carbone Пре 4 дана
Theo Shaule
Theo Shaule Пре 4 дана
#TTS Girl: I can't believe he didn't cry during titanic Other Girl: Do men even have feelings Phineas and Ferb: *The series get discontinued*
Theo Shaule
Theo Shaule Пре 4 дана
#TTS Girl: I can't believe he didn't cry during titanic Other Girl: Do men even have feelings Phineas and Ferb: *The series get discontinued*
Theo Shaule
Theo Shaule Пре 4 дана
#TTS Girl: I can't believe he didn't cry during titanic Other Girl: Do men even have feelings Phineas and Ferb: *The series get discontinued*
Theo Shaule
Theo Shaule Пре 4 дана
#TTS Girl: I can't believe he didn't cry during titanic Other Girl: Do men even have feelings Phineas and Ferb: *The series get discontinued*
Forestn Jesus
Forestn Jesus Пре 4 дана
Me watching this: maybe I am a boi
Duskendawne 2
Duskendawne 2 Пре 4 дана
it's kinda funny to see these memes as a girl, because almost everything in them is completely and utterly wrong! :D (lmao I would absolutely punch my best friend in the face for 1M dollars >:D)
Extreme Power
Extreme Power Пре 4 дана
Last one 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thomas Sliwinski
Thomas Sliwinski Пре 4 дана
3:51 What are those things called, those are my childhood toys i cant remember
William Redding
William Redding Пре 4 дана
lmao people actaully watch these and then laugh wtf
Haite Ishima
Haite Ishima Пре 4 дана
Gohan: I take mine decisions...
The Gargi Show
The Gargi Show Пре 4 дана
As a Girl, I can say that none of this applies to me.
JOJO Arther •1660 years ago
JOJO Arther •1660 years ago Пре 4 дана
2:27 u got me 🤣🤣
the yetti gamer
the yetti gamer Пре 4 дана
You should write a book
No One
No One Пре 4 дана
1:07 nah as a girl I would do that for free 😌
Ace編集 Пре 4 дана
Girl: There is no way he didnt cry during titanic,I bet he doesnt know what pain is Boys: I'll see you on the other side..
Frizqy Пре 4 дана
not having working hot water! im jelous our school never put soap for boys its freezing water take it or leave it no soap but the girl's bathroom even have 2more seats than us hot water and soap (dont question me how i knew my friend's girl friend)
TheFuryKnight Пре 4 дана
that one is damn true about selling bro whenever my friend say he's too skinny and feel sad i always say you are not worthless i will sell you kidney
Alexander Moore
Alexander Moore Пре 4 дана
am i bad for wanting to punch a geil
Real Blorp09
Real Blorp09 Пре 4 дана
1:38 i cry caus i want too do the same thing im a boy but i still have a heart i miss my pets
RazorBlaze Пре 4 дана
#TTS yes
Quinten L
Quinten L Пре 5 дана
Her: I bet he's thinking about other women Him: if you read read as read you have to read read wrong and u have to read read again
A G Пре 5 дана
#TTS Girls: I can't believe he didn't cry at the titanic Do man have feelings Boys: Chadwick boseman dies of cancer😭😭😭
Bulin Пре 5 дана
Samuel Johnson-Hennessey
Samuel Johnson-Hennessey Пре 5 дана
Some of those hit hard
Theo Gamer5
Theo Gamer5 Пре 5 дана
#TTS Woman: I bet he's thinking about other women Man: If Cinderella's shoes fit her perfectly then how did they fall off?
Văleanu Emilian
Văleanu Emilian Пре 5 дана
This is wrong. If you would sell some one on the darkweeb you would get like 50-60 milions of dollars
finn langenberg
finn langenberg Пре 5 дана
2:47 What is the kahoot ?
Harley Paderanga
Harley Paderanga Пре 5 дана
#TTS​ Time Travel: invented Me: Stick to your dreams man, no matter what everyone says Hitler: Vielen Dank!
yasue yagami
yasue yagami Пре 5 дана
the 14 yo girl cant understand the true pain
mr Gopnik
mr Gopnik Пре 5 дана
#TTS Girls with time machine: “omg, I’m going to see my young grandma!” English boys with time machine: “sorry Joan of arc, nothing personal” *loads gun* French boys with time machine: “Napoleon, don’t bother with Russia, there’s nothing there anyway” German boys with time machine: “Ok, let’s go get Wilhelm before he fires Bismarck!”
Joe Williams
Joe Williams Пре 5 дана
that cute girl with great personality and an oversized hoodie is so truuuuuuuee
BlueInfluence Пре 5 дана
What is the sauce of the thumbnail??
Mike Kitsune
Mike Kitsune Пре 5 дана
#TTS her: are you even paying attention? His mind: i wonder if ezio can beat up master chief
Guilherme Monteiro Guerreiro
Guilherme Monteiro Guerreiro Пре 5 дана
7:25 where is robbie rotten then
Gunhead gaming
Gunhead gaming Пре 5 дана
0:31 😢
Zero_Code_Name_Reaper Пре 5 дана
6:16 I actually watched that video.
Meatloaf Boi
Meatloaf Boi Пре 5 дана
4:17 u should have put a silence pistol
Shikage Higarashi
Shikage Higarashi Пре 5 дана
4:51 this is a Brazilian girl how da heck you find her
FAG Sporco
FAG Sporco Пре 5 дана
2:10 Boys: Why we still here? Just to suffer?
Joshua Warby
Joshua Warby Пре 5 дана
Yes there back
Roberto Galeano
Roberto Galeano Пре 6 дана
1:37 how did you know?
Hamster the Pig killer
Hamster the Pig killer Пре 6 дана
1:12 *Lynyrd skynyrd intensifies*
Xxx_PickleMan_xxX Пре 6 дана
Yes.... that would make a great addition to my collection
Hatsuki Neko
Hatsuki Neko Пре 6 дана
Instead of say Goodbye Forever to your best friend when he got a girlfriend. Dig up all the dirts you can find on that girl and protect your homie.
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Пре 6 дана
.Chuckles in middle aged dead Russian political party leader who died from a brain problem after getting a hate letter, but secretly had drunk himself to death while listening to Beethoven*
Jez Moz
Jez Moz Пре 6 дана
2:13 I go incognito I download I ZIP IT WITH A PASSWORD ON IT put it on a hidden file ON ANOTHER HIDDEN FILE
ItzZeyrox Пре 6 дана
Girl:I bet hes thinking about other women Boy: If i like minecraft, and minecraft is made by a boy... Does that make me gay?
ItzZeyrox Пре 6 дана
Girl:I bet hes thinking about other women Boy: If i like minecraft, and minecraft is made by a boy... Does that make me gay?
joshua starr
joshua starr Пре 3 дана
that doesn't even make joke sense, literally every person is made by a boy....and a girl
DOOM Slayer
DOOM Slayer Пре 6 дана
MR. High Templar
MR. High Templar Пре 6 дана
Im back here finding thumbnail source for a friend but didnt find any Can you guys help him out
SU-152 Пре 6 дана
#TTS comrades after break up:dont be sad comrade lets reunite the soviet union >:`)
VenomDragon Пре 6 дана
6:49 pain and 8:14
TOPDAWG357MX Gaming Пре 6 дана
This.... is gold...
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